For the Companies & Teams That Refuse To Settle For Just Being Likable

Increase Innovation. Minimize Burnout. Increase Value.

All without the fluff and circus act.

Brand development for those with teams or a brand that seeks a loveable edge in the marketplace.

Loveable Brands In The Workplace

This isn’t branding 101 being recycled as a boring lecture. Our approach is interactive, experiential and designed to help your team integrate learnings and insights into their day-to-day practice, while being able to keep up with the demands of building a brand in today's experience economy.

With the ability to tailor a learning experience that addresses your organization’s experience and challenges, your team and brand will gain the ability to:

Stop struggling with its internal voice and external execution

Lower cost of customer acquisition while increasing retention and relevance both inside the brand and out

Minimize employee burnout, while increasing creative output, especially during times of brand transitions

Leverage the power of a diverse and inclusive brand culture

Develop a unified brand language that increases the ability for teams to collaborate well

Gain a loveable edge in the marketplace by having clarity around the brand mission

An Adaptable Learning Experience

Train multiple people AND make the most of your training budget. Access around the year training and the ability to bring individuals from different teams together for a shared learning experience.

Loveable Brands Digital


So you have a remote team spread across a few time zones, or need a more flexible way to develop leaders and employees within your brand culture? No problem!

Loveable Brands Onsite


Take the immersive approach and bring the team together for an interactive experience that is engaging, inspiring, and insightful.

Loveable Brands Blended


A hybrid leadership training approach for the cross-functional teams and organizations that want to leverage the best of both worlds.

Create Your Own Tailored Learning Experience

Tailor a learning program to tackle the specific needs of your organization, assign team managers, and measure results.

Create a learning program specifically for the needs of your organization that help to empower your leaders and employees.

Here are a few of our top modules that have helped to enable a more loveable brand development and creative process within brands.

Loveable Brands Training Selection
Loveable Brands Training Reporting
Loveable Brands Training Reporting
Loveable Brands Training Reporting
  • Loveable Brands Jumpstart

    Training Module Overview

    Explore the evolution of brand development and learn the fundamentals of building a lovable brand in an age where everything is moving faster and faster.

    Using the principles of agile software development, design thinking, and empathy in the marketplace, students will explore directions for research, define ideas for execution, as well as the necessary intellectual, and emotional skills of inquiry, analysis, interpretation.

  • Loveable Core+

    Training Module Overview

    In today's experience economy, “being digital” simply isn't enough.

    Brands also need to be lovable.

    Dive deep into being able to understand and integrate what makes the Loveable Core possible and gain the ability to develop your own Loveable model within the personal and non-personal brands to develop a clearer roadmap sustainable, impactful, and lovable growth.

  • Essential Loveable Brands

    Training Module Overview

    What if you could create impactful solutions that could make your brand an essential part of your community and consumers life? Better yet, what if you could do so quickly?

    Explore a hands-on approach to product and brand development, applying customer research, empathy & competitive mapping, case study analysis, positioning, communications, and the development of creative branding strategies.

  • Loveable Inclusive Diversity

    Training Module Overview

    Whether you’re looking to improve your brands current practices or just starting the journey, it’s important to understand this; “Individuals buy from the brands that genuinely represent what they can relate to.”

    What concrete and equally lovable moves can you make to foster an optimal environment, which encourages engagement, authenticity, and respect to the individuals inside and outside your brand?

    Participants will explore how culture and micro-cultures impacts our beliefs, perceptions, ideas, behaviors, and responses as well as how to develop a framework for conducting dialogues about unconscious bias with peers, managers, teams, and vendors to improve communication, services to clients, product & service innovation, and team collaboration.

  • Loveable Culture

    Training Module Overview

    Experience culture affects the bottom line. A brand’s internal culture must be aligned with the external. A service or product may be lead in being innovative for a couple months or even years, however it eventually will be copied.

    What then distinguishes and makes a brand the lovable choice? The Creative Experience.

    Participants will explore how culture and micro-cultures impacts an individual's beliefs, perceptions, ideas, behaviors, and responses towards a brand and its offerings within the creative experience as well as how to develop community driven culture change, with best practices for your brand culture at the core.

How does the Minimum Loveable Brands help companies?

Employers benefit when their people love what they do. It's just that simple.

When you and your team are aligned around moving forward in solving a problem or providing a solution, you're able to meet deadlines faster, with more quality, and connect with the consumer before the competition.

When one person doesn’t contribute, the entire system becomes unstable.

We believe that everyone can be an A-player. If they're in the right position and with the right tools. We give your team the tools to level up and develop their Loveable Core, so they stay engaged and inspire those around them to shift the culture in a positive direction.

Because when you develop and amplify your leaders, you amplify your brand.

Life doesn't stand still and leadership development shouldn't either.

Your team will have access to the lessons and resources, online anywhere they have an internet connection, anywhere in the world / anytime they prefer. Or be able to grab the downloadable lesson resources for that flight or one location that has no service.

Your Organization May Be Wondering (FAQ)

  • What size team/organization is this best for?

    The Loveable Brands program is designed to work with organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re brand is the new kid on the block or established and seeking to stay relevant as it scales, we’ll work with you to tailor an experience that’s unique to your organizations needs.

  • How can we track progress?

    Progress can be viewed for your organization via a centralized training progress dashboard. This dashboard displays up-to-date student progress and can be filtered by user, team, course, and module.

    There's even a way to send them a message via the platform in the event you need to nudge someone along.

  • Can this be used in employee onboarding?

    Yes. In fact, we encourage that you do. Reduce the friction and time it takes to get new employees up to speed on your brand and its mission.

    You can even tailor a specific onboarding learning path that's specific to your organization.

  • How many seats can my organization have?

    Your organization can have as many platform seats as needed. Seat discounts are applied for each block of 5 seats purchased.

  • What is a seat?

    A seat in The Loveable Brands platform is like a seat in a classroom. It's the way of accessing training and resources.

    A seat can be assigned to one user for one learning program.

  • How can I manage the members in my team/organization?

    Much like tracking progress, you'll be able to manage team members, invite new team members, and update details about your team.

  • What type of support do we receive during implementation?

    During implementation, you’ll have priority access to our team to help answer any questions or facilitate with the kickoff of the learning initiative within your organization.

  • How long can the content be accessed?

    Content is accessible for the length of the license selected during the initial plan that’s tailored for your organization.

  • Are any supporting materials or handouts included?

    Yes. The Loveable Brand Framework and program resources are designed to enhance the application of the knowledge conveyed within learning experience.

  • Can I host the training material on another learning management system?

    The content, resources, and learning modules are available exclusively through The Loveable Brands platform in order to guarantee its performance and quality.

    We do however have the ability to provide a unique brand login experiences if a deeper integration is required.

  • Are bulk discounts available?

    Certainly. Bulk discounts are available for organizations in need of 10 or more seats for a program or bundle. Discounts start at 15%.

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