Getting Your Boss Onboard

Tips on reimbursement for the Loveable Brands Program

Reimbursement policies often vary for each organization. If you’re interested in having the conversation with your boss, we’ve compiled some advice and a couple resources to make the conversation a little easier.

At most companies, reimbursement is on a case by case basis, so don’t bank on it.

But it’s a nice bonus when it comes through, plus it goes a long way to solidify that your organization is aligned behind the ideal of developing and challenging its people.

As more and more organizations see the value that this sort of program is, our expectation is that reimbursement will get easier. 

If you’re looking for a little extra help during the process, check out the reimbursement letter template we’ve put together. It can help you get started.

Reimbursement Letter Template

To help you get started, here’s an email template you can use to share the great news with your manager.



I’m thrilled that our company is focused on continuing education and leveling up. In that spirit, I joined the Loveable Brands Program to help increase my value to the company.

In many cases, companies have reimbursed their employees for the tuition expense.

The Loveable Brands Program is able to supply me with a certificate of completion at the end of the session, and digital credential that I can use on my professional profiles, confirming my participation and performance.

Is this something we should coordinate on together, or should I work with HR directly?